Sunday, June 28, 2009

Camping Adventures

Last weekend our Mom's Bible Study group was supposed to go camping at Banks Lake. Unfortunately 3 days before the date we discovered that the group campsite had been moved to "tick-ville" as Carisa, our fearless leader, so nicely put it. Basically the lovely grassy area with playground and full bathrooms had been designated as a day use only area and the group camp site was now an undeveloped area with "natural grasses". In other words, a field. Not exactly a good idea when the majority of people coming are bringing toddlers and pre-schoolers!

So the camping was moved to Carisa's in-law's house on the river. They are out of town and have a lovely area with actual grass...

It was fabulous other than the fact that Cory didn't sleep the first night. He was up half the night patting my face and talking. Then when Brian got up with him at 6am I thought I might get a bit of sleep... until the Mexicans showed up to work in the orchard next door and left their honky tonk music blaring. I decreed that I wasn't "sleeping" there again so I guess it's a good thing we were only half an hour from home rather than 2 hours so we could easily come back!

Other than that we had a great time! Cory had his favorite buddy here... Dylan!

Hero worship

There were shells and toys of all kinds to play with.

Especially cool ride-on toys and funky glasses...

My steam-punk boy! Taking after Daddy!

The water was a bit cold, but not too cold for jet-skiing!

Cory was too scared to go much, but Daddy and Mommy sure had fun!

The wading was more kid friendly... although out past a few feet it turned into ankle deep muck.
I discovered the muck when Carisa and I did the "polar bear plunge" the first day. I could handle the cold water better than the muck!

We had fun playing Blongo...

and generally sitting around talking even though it was too windy to really enjoy the fire.

Jason and Stella

Mommy Jenny making dinner in their camper

One night Russ cranked up the music and all the kids started dancing... well, and a few of the rest of us too!

Cory loves to dance...
Then he played the chicken dance and I had to teach Cory the proper moves.

Emma was the best dancer there!
And of course no camping is complete without watermelon!
Cory's favorite treat!

He wasn't a fan of the s'mores, but would gladly eat the chocolate and crackers separately! He wanted a marshmallow (or marshmelon as he called them!) and then would take one bite and hand it back to me. After a couple of half eaten marshmallows I decided he didn't really need them anyway!

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