Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: So Much for Lasik



  1. Hmmmm....let me see.....what are you trying to say here? (cue Jeopardy music) Hmmmm...

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! When are you due?

    Cory will make a great big brother.

  2. Cool t-shirt!


  3. Congrats! That is so awesome! Love how you did your big reveal a little different than a positive preg. test. :)

  4. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Congratulations!! from "Aunt Cindi"

  5. I cannot believe what an inept idiot (hope that's not redundant) I was in not figuring this out. Granted, it was late in the evening and my intellectual faculties were not functioning 100% or maybe any %. Congratulations and best wishes. I am very happy for you, Brian, and Cory. I certainly enjoy fatherhood. Banjo is the best kid I ever had.

    On another wonderful note: Wellman got very hammered at the staff partrythis year. Very hammered. When some other not so hammered person suggested they all go skinny dipping in the pool, guess who the only person was who actually did it. That's right, our very own Mr. Wellman. Thank Gosh the children and Mary Macphail were in the house and did not have to witness this travesty of morality.

  6. Congrats! Love the tee!

  7. I know I've shouted my congratulations on our gmail chat but CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    You know that I am so happy for you! I've prayed, Lord if you can't make me pregnant, make my friends who want babies to get pregnant. I guess the Lord heard me! weeeee!


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