Monday, June 08, 2009

Technology Sucks

So, this weekend I noticed my header for this blog was randomly missing. I went hunting and discovered that for some reason my hosting service *cough*imageshack*cough* didn't have the picture anymore. Weird. (and yes, it's back, I didn't do anything and I have no idea why!)

But I decided that meant it was time to swap out some pictures and put up a new one.

So I went to find the CD's that have all my pictures on them. I was looking for one in particular and thought it was in March of last year. Well, that CD would not load on this new computer. I took it out and behold, it was horribly scratched. I have no idea how it got that way as it was in a stack with all the other burned CD's and none of them are scratched, nor do I hardly ever move them or even touch them!

I tried the scratch repair kit with no luck. I tried to "un-delete" on my laptop in hopes they were still around.

Finally today I called the computer repair guy that fixed my laptop last year and he lent me his Disc Doctor. It seemed to make the scratches less noticeable and we have managed to get a few of the pictures off, one at a time...

However, then when I started loading some other disks onto this new computer they would get halfway and get stuck. We tried a few things to make it easier on the computer, but no luck.

Now I have a feeling that something is wrong with our DVD drive and I'm actually scared that it is damaging the discs that we put in even though it should only be reading them.

This computer is still under warranty, but it's in Seattle. Thankfully we are already making a trip there in a week and a half, so here's hoping that it's the DVD drive, they will replace it, and we'll be good to go.

In the meantime I'll just be over here hyperventilating... because the pictures on that CD? Were of Cory's 1st birthday.

Technology sucks.


  1. Man I hate that. There's nothing worse than losing pics. Hopefully it's just the drive and not the dvds themselves.

  2. :( I hope it's the drive too!


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