Monday, March 08, 2010

Count Your Kids!

So, have you heard about the census coming up this month? Did you know it's only taken once every 10 years?

You should be receiving a census form by the end of March and guess what? It's super important that you fill it out! Not only for you, but for your kids sake.

Want to know why?

The US Government uses the number of kids counted on the census to determine where federal dollars go for many of your local programs. If your kids aren't counted then your state and city/county won't get money for your kid for things like Education Grants and Children's Health Insurance - among many other programs.

As a (stay-home) teacher with a husband who's a teacher I know that money comes in to our schools depending on the number of kids who live in the school district boundary. Direct funding for your school might not depend on census numbers, but many of the special programs and grants do use these numbers!

Children can't fill out their own forms and in the last census it was estimated that 1 million children under 10 went uncounted. Don't let your kid be one of these!

Fill out your census form and return it as soon as you can... so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle and neither do your kids!

This information was provided by the network Global Influence as a public service.

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  1. I'm always counting my kids at the park... I suppose I can count them one more time officially : )


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