Friday, March 05, 2010

Weekend Exhaustion

My (very fabulous) in-laws came up last weekend to see our new house. I swear they brought the crazy rain that we had on Friday with them. It poured for 24 hours straight and has been nice and sunny every other day. Weird!

Anyway, Saturday was a baby shower that some friends put on for me so my mother-in-law got to come to this one! Very fun!

Not that I need a lot of stuff for this guy since he's the same season as Cory and we kept pretty much everything. But it will be nice to have a few new outfits just for him and of course we got diapers so they will come in handy for the first month or two until I'm ready to use my cloth ones!

My grandma, Mom, Annika, Patsy, Becca and Rayna, and Mee Sook -
only about half the guests.

You can see the diaper cake in the background of the above picture and this is a close-up.

My friend Leana did the shower and she had her mother-in-law Suzy help with the food since Suzy is seriously the hostess with the mostest when it comes to parties! I only know her through Leana, but she is so sweet! She created the diaper cake, did the lunch, and brought a little gift for Cory so he wouldn't feel left out!

Saturday night we went back to church for a Ken Davis show. I had never heard of him, but was signed up to work at the Compassion table. Awesomely funny! Afterwards we went out for a late dinner at Applebee's.

Cory then woke us up at 5am because he had peed in his bed... unfortunately the baby sitter hadn't managed to get him to go to the bathroom before he went to bed and this is usually what happens, the diaper doesn't hold it all. Also unfortunately the waterproof pad on his bed had slid down so the mattress got soaked. Lovely. Poor kid got to sleep on the floor the rest of the night!

Sunday was back to church for the 3rd time in 24 hours... and afterwards it was a quiet afternoon for the girls while Brian and his dad worked on cutting all our doors off with his Grandpa's tools they brought up.

They were all rubbing on the carpet. Cory was quite concerned when told his door was being cut off! Now I just have to get re-used to the fact that the doors open and close without major resistance against the carpet!

Sunday night we again went out to a yummy dinner for Annika's birthday. You can't really tell, but the place was packed and for 8 people the only thing they had was a high table with bar style chairs. Cory looked so cute just sitting there like a grown up, but barely over the table!

Of course, I might be a little bit biased...

They brought out this huge piece of chocolate mousse cake for Annika with tons of ice cream. We passed it around and then Brian ordered another piece of the cake for us it was so good!

The in-laws left Monday morning and Cory was quite sad to see them go until we told him they would be coming back in just a few weeks when Baby Brother is born!

He definitely wanted all my attention all day though. Here he's putting some coins into "his" new piggy bank. This was one of the shower games, but since I'd just been looking at these at Target last week I decided that he could have it and he loves it! He doesn't really get the concept of money yet, it's more of a toy.

The puppy book behind him was another adorable gift from the shower!

Now do you see why I said I was exhausted in my 35 weeks post? :) Four weeks to go and a million things left to do...


  1. Suzy made that diaper cake?!? Seriously? Wow! Very cool!

  2. Can you believe in a month you'll have another beautiful child to love? How exciting!

  3. Cool diaper cake - I like the Mickey Mouse theme!


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