Friday, March 12, 2010

A Day in the Life

Sorry for the lack of posting lately... but I think I have a good excuse! 3 weeks left and I realized I have way too much to do and not enough energy to get even half of it done...

So here's a day in Cory's life...

Someone loves to hide under the blankets and Brian caught this one last night... what it did to his hair!

Finally, a dinner he can help make (waffles).

Stirring is serious business!

And if you'll notice, at not quite 3 he doesn't even need a chair, just a stool to reach the counter and help!

He always wants to help me sweep so when I'm done I let him. Too bad he doesn't have magic sweeping powers to get rid of the ants that have shown up the last 2 days... ew! At least we've figured out that the broom goes on the floor, not the counters or anywhere else!

Sometimes he wants me to take his picture, other times he doesn't. This time he wanted me to take a picture of his funny face! I think this is the go-to face now (see first picture).

And finally, a little boy who is obsessed with trains (and all things that go) can see them from his bedroom window!

A few more randoms:

Cory came up with this all on his own while he was snuggling and rocking his bibi (blankie) he called it his "bibi baby".

After hiding under his covers and me "finding him" he told me to go hide under my covers and then went "looking" for me all over the house just like I look for him. He counted to 6 and then went looking... "no Mama in the toilet!" "no Mama in the bathtub" "no Mama in the sink" or the computer room, or his drawers, or under his blankets. Finally he "found" me under my covers. I was cracking up!

The other day we were watching this video (very cool, you should check it out) and I walked away for a minute since Cory wanted to watch it like 4 times. When I came back he had clicked on something that opened a new window with the same video playing in a bigger screen. Apparently it had finished and he wanted to watch it again and figured out how to make it go... oy!

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  1. My daughter is almost 3 as well and loves to do all the same things! Sweep the floor, help Mama cook, go find Mama. Always something to do with a toddler around!

    Loved this photo story. Hope the remaining days of your pregnancy go well!

  2. Looks like you've got a big helper! That first picture of him got me laughing right away. Love his expression!

  3. Anonymous9:15 AM

    I love all the pictures-- thanks for giving me my "Cory fix"! And that video wowed me-- I may just have to sit here and watch it 4 times in a row! (or wait for Joel to come home and watch it with me)

    love you guys!


  4. His growth and life have been fun to watch. I think you and I became acquainted when he was just a baby. He looks like such a big guy now! He'll look even bigger when the baby comes!

  5. Aren't tall kids fun? Evie is the same age and she doesn't need much to make it up to the counter (which is great in someways, but when you're trying to keep things away from the kid it can get frusterating!)!

    Looks like you have a fantastic little (big) helper.

    Here's hoping the next few weeks fly by smoothly! :)


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