Sunday, March 28, 2010


Today is your birthday, my little man! Although you don't look so little anymore compared to baby Noah (or even most kids your age!). 40 pounds and 40 inches tall is one big boy!

3 years ago (plus a few days)

You have so much personality and you really love people. Occasionally that makes life difficult for Mama when she has things to get done, but most of the time I love being able to have conversations with you! You still say "mac 'n oner cheese" and "hang me up" for pick me up, but otherwise speak very clearly and with lots of reason! You are so observant about everything around us and very curious. "Why" is now one of your favorite words... We still need to work on listening for the answer though!

I love listening to you talk to your buddies (stuffed animals) and little cars. You make up things for them to do and they have conversations with each other that make me laugh!
With your imagination though you are sometimes afraid of things you don't quite understand. You don't like loud noises (except for trains) and being in the dark.

You love books like Peter Pan and The Jungle Book.

Your memory is amazing and you quote randomly from the Cars movie or anything that you have recently seen or heard. You even remembered your swimming teacher's name from last summer when we were having a conversation about swimming this week!

And in terms of water, you have recently decided that laying back in the bathtub with your ears underwater is fun. There are all kinds of cool noises under water! Also, taking a shower is very cool when before you hated standing under the water.

And finally, you have discovered your pockets are good for carrying treasures... I now have to check them before I do the laundry or I find little shells from our collection or your little tiny cars in the bottom of the washer!

I'm so proud of you, son! How you really do love people and are caring about those around you. I hope you always have a soft heart towards people!

Happy Birthday!


  1. Ah, the movie quoting has started ...

    We'll have to be sure to foster this some more.

    Alas, it's a necessary part of carrying the Y chromosome for the species.

    Happy Birthday, Cory!!!

  2. Allison5:43 PM

    Hmm, I don't think Uncle Joel is a very good influence. Give him a couple years and he'll have him quoting LOTR on a daily basis, along with whole Seinfeld episodes. Do you want this for your child??

    Signed, a concerned aunt

  3. Wow! I didn't realize they your kids' birthdays were so close to each other! Happy Birthday Cory!

  4. Happy Birthday to your 3-year-old boy! Three is so much fun. :)

    P.S. Our 3-year-old still doesn't like showers. I think it's the whole water-getting-in-eyes thing.


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