Monday, July 19, 2010

The Bug Hotel we are NOT

But you'd never guess that from the amount of bugs we seem to be hosting.  I've killed no less than 6 large spiders in my house this week (the teeny ones I don't mind - one lives on my bathroom windowsill) and a black widow outside on the foundation the other night.  As a general rule if they are outside I tend to leave them alone, but I make an exception for poisonous things that could hurt my babies!

Have I mentioned we also still have an ant problem?  I'm fairly used to finding them crawling on me during the day.  They are so ubiquitous it's hard to be jumpy all the time.  It makes me feel like I can't keep my house clean, but when they can find the teeny tiniest drop of sweet and congregate around it... well, I guess their senses are better than mine!

This was after I'd made some tuna fish and apparently spilled a bit on the counter.  I didn't know they liked protein too or perhaps the mayo was sweet to them.

If you look closely you'll see the one under the arrow is standing "guard" up on his back legs.  Cracked me up when I saw the picture!

Outside I try not to mind them, it's their home... but why do they like my home so much?  And why are the mosquitoes so nasty this year?  I thought I had a mosquito bite on my ankle, but considering it's turned a funky shade of dark purple I'm wondering if it was a mutant mosquito or something else... but they are all out to get me in the evenings and I itch.

But the kicker... oh the kicker!  I came in from watering my flowers this evening and felt something on my back... inside my shirt.  I tried to brush it, but thought I'd better check...  Taking off my shirt I found an earwig crawling in it!!!  Still gives me the creepies just thinking about it!  Time to buy some bug bait!!!

What kind of house do you live in and do you have a bug or pest problem?  We didn't have this problem in our apartment... it's taking some getting used to!


  1. we are in a fairly new home...and yet this year we have little ants. In the spring and fall we spray around the house with home defence (sp?) It takes care of the massivly huge spider population which comes in the fall. The kids bring the rest of the bugs in!

  2. We haven't seen many bugs or spiders in this house, but I swear our last rental was built on a humongous ant hill! I battled those things all the time.

    I did discover that cinnamon is a great ant deterrent. If you sprinkle it where they are coming in at, they hate the smell, so they stay away.

  3. Buy a pack of Terro ant baits, they have a clear gel inside with a small amount of Borax, which is relatively safe to people and pets. I see you have a kid tho, so keep it away from him and the pets in any case. Beats the hell out of spraying insect killer all over the house just to see them not die. They're kinda cute at first, but after about a year of the exterminator and spraying and RAID baits, I was very distraught. Good luck!


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