Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Walk for Life

One month from today I will be walking in the park to support our local pregnancy center, Life Choices for Women.  It's not a super strenuous walk (well, I suppose that depends on how hot it is that day!) at 2 miles, but it's all about the symbolic. 

Before I had my boys I volunteered at this center, counseling women who found themselves with an unplanned pregnancy.  Contrary to what you may have heard we never tried to force anything on them.  We were there to listen and gently offer various options that they may not have thought of.  The center also offers various parenting classes for those who would like them.

This is a place that is near and dear to my heart, I actually volunteered there when it was in a different location under a different name way back before I left for college.  I'm so glad that it's still here in our valley offering support and hope to women who need it.

I would be honored if you would consider sponsoring me on my walk.  All donations go directly to support the day to day operations of this non-profit organization.  If you have a local pregnancy center where you are, please, by all means donate to them instead!  No pressure here, just send up a prayer for our center instead!

Oh, and if you live around here, come join us!  This will be an all day event after the walk with fun stuff for the kids and yummy local food!  You won't regret it!

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