Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shade - No Shade

Behind our house is a set of rental duplexes. The owner decided it was time to trim all the lovely tall trees around them as they were getting to be too tall and could be a hazard in high winds (which we seem to be getting more frequently).  Sadly this means we have now lost pretty much all the shade in our backyard.

This is the big main tree that gives our yard shade.  It was quite tall...

Shade, lovely, lovely shade... and later in the afternoon almost the entire yard was shaded.

Cutting down "our" tree

They managed to smash all my sunflowers that were growing along the fence, but at least they missed the garden...

I'm thankful they left this one taller than the ones in front of the houses... it will still provide some shade next summer, but as you can see, we now have only a little spot of shade from our walnut tree.  So sad. :(
Hopefully our garden will like it...

1 comment:

  1. That is sad! And they cut it down right when you need shade the most - the summer!

    I'm glad your garden is still intact.


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