Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Drive

Saturday morning Brian's dad emailed and said his Grandpa was in the hospital.  Saturday night he called us and said, maybe you should come.  When we discovered that all the hotels in town were sold out we instead packed up and got up early to drive down Sunday morning.

By the time we got there at about 1pm he was just released from the hospital.  He looked pretty good to me, but congestive heart failure is not fun.

Anyway, we had a good afternoon hanging out and visiting.  It was hot so time was spent outside on Grandpa's swing.

There was an NCIS marathon on TV so I got a good introduction to the show... maybe signing up for Netflix recently will have it's benefits!  I'm a science geek and although I don't like the gruesome pictures I love the way they find the evidence and solve the cases!

It's so suspenseful Mommy!

 We finally remembered to get a picture of the 4 generations of men...

Noah did much better this time, mostly smiling and happy, but after a long afternoon and only a half hour nap in the pack he wasn't such a happy camper!

Our boys don't sleep well in the car at night so poor Cory woke up completely disoriented about halfway home.  We finally made it home about 12:30am to get to see the flames from the forest fire just north of town.  We are in no danger, but it was a bit spooky!

Not really a fun reason to get together, but all in all, it was a good day!

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