Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Weekend in Review

Ah summer.  Where my schedule goes out the window and I forget to post for days on end!  Or, as was the case for some of this weekend, I am so busy I hardly have time to take pictures!

I realized recently that I'd gotten to the point of not being able to post without pictures.  I know "a picture is worth a thousand words", but seriously, I do like to write too!  So, with that in mind, I'm going to attempt to be better at making this blog what it started out as, a journal of our life, with or without pictures!

The highlights of our weekend... on Friday we decided impromptu, the cherries are ready at our friend's house so let's go pick them.  A few hours and some chicken visiting later and we were home with a cooler full.  A large camping cooler.

We started to wash them and look for fruit flies... Brian started cutting into a few and we quickly discovered that almost all of them had fruit fly larvae inside of them even if they weren't squishy or had no holes in the skin.  (you won't want to click on that link if you're eating... you're welcome).

So we decided that since the cherries weren't sprayed with chemicals we would go to the work of cutting every single one open before we canned them.  8+ hours later we had 14 quarts and threw the last 1/3 of the cherries out.  Unfortunately our friend's trees are so badly infested that after hearing our story of 80% of the cherries having larvae in them he decided to cut them all down.  Yeah, all commercial cherries you buy have been sprayed for fruit flies.  I hate this, but what can we do?  If they aren't sprayed they become inedible quickly and the problem compounds every year.  (you can read all about it at that link above, just be warned, there are pictures)

Saturday was uneventful and calm although I was rather uncomfortable hoping that plugged duct wouldn't turn into mastitis.  Thank goodness for a best friend who's a nurse and taking hot showers twice a day, I am fine now.

Happy 4th of July... we missed church and at 3pm finally headed out to our friend's party.  The wind was so incredibly strong that our BBQ was trying to blow off the picnic tables.  Cory had a blast in the inflatable water slide until he was blue and Noah charmed everyone from the pack on my front. 

It wasn't the most fantastic party since Brian didn't know many people there and I thought all afternoon that he only wanted to eat and leave for our other friend's party.  Not a good recipe for fun.  Hopefully next time we will figure out how to communicate our expectations a little better...

After going to the other party and scaring all the kids with the giant (illegal?) fireworks, we finally got home and went to bed.

Monday we had a former student (of Brian's mostly, but I subbed for him a few times) come share our afternoon and evening.  He's heading out on a Navy deployment for 10 months and it was fascinating to be able to ask him all kinds of questions about life on an aircraft carrier - especially since my dad was on 2 of them.  He's a cool kid and I hope we can support him more through this and in the years ahead.

And so, now that I've rambled on indefinitely... anything special happen for your weekends?

Oh, and as of this morning my big little guy is measuring a whopping 16 pounds and 25 1/2 inches long at 3 1/2 months!  He also got his 2 bottom teeth to poke through on the 4th.  I guess you could call it their Independence Day!

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  1. Wow - that sounds like quite an experience with the cherries. We have two friends with cherry trees. One friend's invitation we never accept. ;) For that exact reason!


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