Wednesday, August 18, 2010

5 Months

I would say, where has the time gone, but looking back at this month, I have quite the record (600+ pictures to prove it!) of where we've been, all of it a whirlwind!

Look who's doing baby push-ups!
(and look at that red hair!)

My little man is not so little it seems!  I finally found the record of Cory at about 5 months and suffice to say, Noah is already bigger than he was!  Last week he weighed about 18 1/2 pounds (depending on the time of day) and at a week past 5 months Cory was just at exactly 18 pounds.  We'll see what the official weight is at his 6 month check next month, but I think he's bigger than Cory.  He's growing out of his clothes so much faster and it's not just from the cloth diapers!  We're already in entirely 6 month clothes and even some of them (especially the Disney branded stuff) are getting small!  Also moved up to the medium size cloth diapers.

This is the smile I see All The Time, but very rarely catch on camera!

It seems we may have an earlier mover too.  Not so much on the rolling over since we can hardly put him down for 10 minutes without a royal fuss!  But last week I came in to find him up on his hands and toes in his crib with his butt up in the air!  Kind of a downward dog yoga pose.  If we do leave him alone he will move a foot or two from his original position and/or turn himself at least 90 degrees.  He can roll from back to front, I'm finding him more like that in the morning, but he only occasionally does it on purpose I think.

I'm not a fan of baby watching TV...
but my hubby put him there and I had to take a picture...

He definitely has the hand grasp/to mouth movement down this month.  On our road tripping we gave him some of the soft toys with little plastic chew parts and he was able to hold them and chew on them.  Bonus being in the car seat; if he let go sometimes he was able to pick them up again out of his lap.  He does sometimes suck his thumb, but it's not consistent.  More often than not it's two fingers in the mouth, sometimes two from each hand!

Swimming a bit!  Second time for toes in the water!

We are mostly past the spitting up stage, but completely covered in drool.  I don't know that any more teeth are imminent, but he certainly likes to chew on things.  Hold him on your shoulder and within 5 minutes your shirt will be drenched!  I think I'm glad my wardrobe of choice is all cotton because anything else would be ruined!  (that would also be what is on my swimsuit above)

 Soooo much bigger than the bunny now!

And he is such a "people" person.  Most people will do, but he knows for sure when it's Mama!  And Daddy too.  He loves his big brother already and will focus on him whenever he's around.  It helps that Big Brother is always moving and providing such an interesting thing to watch, too!  He will go to most anyone unless he's tired or hungry, but there's definitely a difference when he knows it's Mama.

He smiles at everyone and does this inhale squeal that is awesome!  Last week I was holding him while brushing Cory's teeth and he must have thought it was funny because he was watching Cory, giggling, and squealing.  Then we all started laughing and he was squealing along.  Too much fun!

Doing the exact same thing Big Brother did at this age...
chewing on the bunny!

We are definitely on a pretty good night schedule!  Depending on the daytime activities he will go to bed between 7:30 and 9, get up once to eat, and then be up around 8am.  Sometimes he's up at 11 to eat, sometimes it's closer to 3 or 4am.  No prediction there.  Now, if only I could get myself to bed before midnight we'd be dandy...

Days are more unpredictable.  I think he'd prefer to take a morning nap, usually not too long after he's gotten up in the morning.  Sometimes it's half an hour, sometimes it's 2 or 3 hours.  Which, between that and Cory's afternoon naps, can make scheduling a bit of a hassle!  Noah is a bit more flexible at this point so sometimes he loses out, but he sleeps other places too.

Having two boys in the house, oh, what a wild ride we're on!


  1. LOVE the red hair -- and the picture of the boys on the couch together. =) Cute.

  2. I'm glad you snapped that quick photo of the two boys "watching TV" on your laptop. What a precious moment.

    P.S. Is your swimsuit from Lands' End?


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