Saturday, August 14, 2010

One Week Ago

I'm going to skip to the end of our trip just because I love weddings...

My friend Indy got married!
(that's his camp nickname from high school, but we are forever named thus)

Our pastor from way back then did the ceremony! 
I haven't seen him in years and his message was really good too.

Indy has eyes only for his bride!

It was trying to rain on us so they had these cool umbrellas for them to stand under.
The overcast day made for perfect photo lighting too!

A very happy kiss!

Mr. and Mrs.!

Her dress was made by a cousin who is a costume designer in Vegas.  
It had something like 15,000 beads on it, hand sewn!  
It was absolutely gorgeous!

The colors she chose were very "hot" and all the decorations were awesome!

Cupcakes and wedding cake, made by another relative, were also yummy!

They played it safe and didn't make a mess with the cake...

We didn't stay late since we had Noah and also because the only other people I knew were the groom's parents, the pastor, and the photographer (and Brian had never met any of them)!  It was a very nice wedding though and I wish them many years of happiness!

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