Monday, August 23, 2010

Walking Adventures

This past Saturday we got up *early* for our family and made it to the park for our Walk for Life.  We didn't manage to head out with the main group, but we quickly learned that we would be stopping to chat with friends along the way anyway!

We met some friends and Ella was enamored by the dogs!  Here we're trying to get Mara to pull her along... not very successfully!

A bit later a whole group was taking up the trail (bad etiquette!) and once again Ella was enjoying the dog... hint hint, mom and dad?

Cayenne and Mara

There are at least 3 of these fire hydrants along the trail and I'm trying to figure out if they are actually supposed to be used by the dogs... each one is painted in wild bright colors and designs.

Of course the Columbia's near by so we have to check it out...

And once we got back to the starting area they had set up a whole collection of inflatables.  After Cory jumped in the bounce house for quite awhile we convinced him to try out this giant slide.

I wasn't sure he would like it as it was pretty tall, but he had no fear and went right up...

and back down again!  Multiple times!

Here he is waving at me from the top!

Not to be outdone, Noah spent his day looking cute while riding in the stroller and then sleeping in the pack.  His hair was blowing wildly in the breeze here and I thought he looked a bit like a mad scientist, chewing on Daddy's finger!  (did I mention he has a third tooth?  this one's on top, but to the left of the front teeth)

The weather was lovely for summer here, slightly overcast and cool.  We then went to dinner at our new pastor's house and had a fun time getting to know them and their three girls while Cory played with their boy Josiah who is just a bit older.  Perfect!

(and yes, it helps if you hit publish when you're done writing a post... whoops! :)

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