Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So Long August, I Won't Miss Ya

Wow, this has been a roller coaster of a month.  Tomorrow is the first day of school for Brian and I'm hoping for a new beginning, new schedule, new everything.  For everyone.  Brian has moved to the local alternative high school and we hope this will be a good place.  At the very least we think it's more job security.

We started this month at the beach (Long Beach) with my parents.  That was fun.  Then a friend's wedding and Brian's sister visiting.  Also fun.

Then Brian and Allison went to visit his dying grandfather for a few days.  Not so fun (and me being home with 2 little boys 24/7 is a challenge right now).  Then Brian got his wisdom teeth out and either it was a lot harder for him than I remember or it makes a difference when you have them out at 32 as opposed to 19.

Three days after the wisdom teeth extraction (he brought them home, gross!) was his birthday and I made him a pineapple upside down cake from scratch (yes, be impressed, that is unusual for me!) and his favorite ham and potato casserole as those were all soft foods.  However, it was not a super happy birthday as Grandpa was getting worse and we were not in agreement over what he should get for his birthday.

We were actually going to go down and visit Grandpa, but he said he didn't want to see anyone anymore so we didn't.  We got some work done around the house, walked at the park, and had dinner with our lovely pastor's family.  It was a good weekend.

Last Monday Brian was considering driving down to visit his Grandpa anyway, but Grandpa just didn't want to see him.  Monday night at midnight we got the call that he had passed away at home, just sitting in his chair.  So, Tuesday morning Brian left to go help his Grandma and parents and was there for 3 days.

Grandpa Gene
Picture from Thanksgiving 2006

In the mean time I took the boys and my mom and Annika to the waterslides and hung out at my parents with some of my mom's relatives that I don't see often.

They were here because today is my Grandmother's 94th birthday (it's also my best friend's big 3-0!) which we celebrated on Sunday.  We won't mention that my mom accidentally sat on the Red Velvet cake...

Queen for a day... by her younger sister, Patsy

Her party face really came out interacting with Noah.  She was doing the same things she used to do with Cory, making funny faces and noises.  This is the most I've seen her be interested in something for awhile.

And finally Sunday night I opened a letter from my insurance to find that my rates are going up in October... $60 for every plan, but due to the fact that I just turned 30 I get to be in a new age bracket and mine go up $110 a month.  Not something that we can afford right now so I've spent the better part of a day calling and researching my options.  I could be on Brian's plan, yes, but that's just as expensive.  We'll see.  Kind of a bummer because any way we do it, we will be changing plans and I'd already paid my deductible for this year ('cuz unfortunately childbirth ain't cheap).

I have no real way to wrap this up other than to say, I'm beat.  I hope next August is much nicer than this one.


  1. It definitely sounds like a whirlwind of a month. I'm sorry to hear about your husband's grandfather's death. That's so hard.

    But on a lighter note - LOL re: your mom sitting on the cake!

  2. From one who has lost a grandpa recently to another, my condolences. And my apologies for laughing at the red velvet pancake. :)


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