Monday, September 20, 2010

Six Months

Hi! I'm Noah and I'm six months old!

My mommy likes to take pictures of me!  in case you haven't already figured that out already
Last month I had 2 teeth, but this month I have 6 and 2 more that are trying to come in.  I am kind of cranky and want to chew on everything.  I have a stuffy nose and mommy calls me her Snuffle-ufagus.

I can hold the things that I want to chew on, but I have a hard time remembering to keep holding them.  Thankfully my big brother, Cory, is there to pick them up for me!

He has to keep his toys out of the living room now unless he wants me to chew on them.  I'm not exactly crawling, but if there is something I want I can go get it, inchworm style!  Last night I got to mommy's plant stand and pulled the spider plant down and made a big mess!  They have to move up to the next shelf now.

I roll from tummy to back, but I'm still kind of a turtle once there.  Just last week I rolled over a few times onto my tummy, but mostly I just get frustrated and scream.

I scream a lot.  Mostly because I'm just a social guy and don't like to be put down!  Everyone thinks I'm such a happy baby because I'm smiley and interacting with them.  Just don't leave me alone and we'll all get along fine!

Mommy's trying to feed me some baby cereal, but I'm not having it.  It makes me choke and gag.  I'd just rather make mommy get up every 3 hours and feed me.  I'm cranky and it soothes me.

I went to Children's in Seattle on Saturday so they weighed me.  I weigh 18 pounds and 11 ounces.  I have a regular doctor's appointment tomorrow so we'll see if it's the same and how long I am!  Regardless I'm wearing pretty much all 9 month clothes now and some 12 month ones!  My cloth diapers affect that a little bit, but I'm just too long for the 6 month clothes!

Mommy has to ban Cory from the room to get pictures of me because I follow him with my eyes wherever he is.  He really likes me though and wants to be in pictures with me.  This is good because most of the time he doesn't want to be in pictures anymore... except this one!

This is me at the park last week showing off my moving skills. I really wanted to get to the grass at the edge of the blanket, but mommy kept moving me. Something about the grass being dirty, but it just looked so interesting to chew on!

That's my life right now!  Come back next month to find out if I've figured out how to really crawl, or even pull myself up!  'cuz Mommy caught me with both hands on the rail of my crib last week too!  Look out world!


  1. Wow, how quickly they grow up. Cory is such a big kid now!

  2. Allison11:24 AM

    These photos melt my heart! Especially the first one.


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