Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Whole Lot of Nothing

It's been another one of those days.  I know I did stuff today, stuff like laundry, dishes, feeding and playing with two small boys.  But I get to the end of the day and I wonder where it went.  What happened to all the minutes in between?

I've been doing stuff lately.  Canning and planning and going hither and yon.  We went to Seattle last weekend for a doctor's appointment, staying with an old friend we hadn't seen in awhile.  It was good to catch up, but it's never long enough.  We could have talked all night I'm sure.

That's done and now I'm planning, what are we doing this weekend, next weekend, next month, November, then it's Christmas.  It seems I am always in planning mode and once it's there then it's gone and done.  Over so fast you blink and you've missed it.  Perhaps that's why I always want to take pictures of everything.  To document for myself that it actually happened.  To be able to look back and remember that I was there and the little things about it.

I have a million projects I want to get done, mostly sewing (curtains, Christmas vest, new purse, pajama pants), but other things too.  Pictures to sort and edit (yeah summer), baby clothes to put away and the next size to get out.  Carrots in the garden that need to be picked, washed, and frozen for later (they went crazy all at once).  Paperwork and more paperwork that I seem to be drowning in.  I feel like a rat on a wheel and it's never ending.

Thoughts in my head and with no one to tell them to they are as fleeting as a breeze.  Thinking in the shower to be interrupted by a little boy that I'm trying to teach privacy to...  All a little bit like this post I suppose. 

Some days I guess I just feel like this: When it rains it pours...

This picture was taken a week ago Sunday when we had a crazy thunderstorm come through.  I don't think it lasted more than half an hour, but we had inches of standing water around our house and since then our yard has come back to life and is somewhat green.  That's how much water (and hail) came down.  Notice that the rain is blowing sideways in the background...


  1. "It seems I am always in planning mode and once it's there then it's gone and done."

    I hear you there!

    I'm so glad that the rainy season is upon us! I LOVE it! (Esp. when I can't leave the house anyway.) It's just so ...cozy and peaceful. And it's lucky I feel that way too seeing that I can't really escape the rain! =)

  2. I am steadily planning and planning and planning. Now, if only I can get DH to sit down and plan a little with me. It makes everything a whole lot easier!

    I did can like a mad woman today. All are done and waiting to be labeled. Writing a post to share my triumph! LOL

  3. How do you organize your pictures? We haven't nailed down a great system so it's QUITE a chore to find a specific photo in our digital archives once a few weeks have passed.



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