Friday, September 17, 2010

You Know You Live in the Country When...

I think I'm going to start a new occassional (and maybe learn to spell ocassional while I'm at it...) feature here.  I've noticed a few things lately that have me realizing I don't live in town anymore!  I can't even call it the city because it's not a big city, but we are certainly not there now!

A few weeks ago I walked around the corner to get the mail... which is right next to the little gas station and mini-mart.  I looked up and realized there was a tractor getting gas at the gas station.  I almost took a picture, but thought it might be a little rude!

We have bugs.  Have I mentioned the ants?  Oh, my bad, I guess I have, only about 5 million times already!  Yeah, they're still here and we've just kind of learned to keep all food put away and sealed (even the honey bear now lives in a plastic bag).  But we came home from church this week and found a very large praying mantis on our front door.  That was kind of cool!  We also have a resident cricket somewhere outside the front and he plays music for us every night!

And finally... on my way to Bible study on Wednesday I was in a rush (I'm always late) and heard this funny noise outside.  I didn't think too much of it, kind of thought it was a kid or something... and then herding the boys outside I looked up and realized we had 2 turkeys and a chicken in our front yard!  I think they belong down the street a ways because they certainly weren't scared of us.  I knew the guy had a goose and a rooster, but didn't realize he had turkeys too!  That was fun!


  1. funny stuff! I say that as our two ducks sit on the poarch and beg to be lit in out of the rain. ;) I love the country!

  2. =D I moved from the big(ger) city to the outskirts of town where we are now and I LOVE finding all of these things you are finding. It's so eye opening and, well, just FUN! We had turkeys in our yard about a month ago and STOP THE PRESSES! We watched them for a long while. It's!

  3. Anonymous10:34 AM

    You could get your own cow, rabbits and chickens. Have a real country experience!
    Love you! The Nana

  4. I often spell "occasional" wrong too. It would be a good word for a spelling bee...tricky, tricky.

    Have you ever lived in a big city? I'd be interested to hear you compare it to where you live now - pros, cons, which lifestyle you like better, etc.

  5. I know there are mice in the city too, but that was my country animal for the weekend, when I almost stepped on it in bare feet. It's more that the disposal method of tossing the dead mouse on the back lawn is frowned upon when your neighbors are human rather than raccoons and coyotes.


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