Monday, September 13, 2010

Going to the Fair

Ah, it was fair time again last week! We went on Friday, Kid's Day, and I must say I was super impressed by the entertainment this year, about 100 steps above last year's foul mouthed entertainer. We were drawn to the stage when we first walked in to find a "magician" doing fun tricks and silly stunts punctuated with witty sayings that had all the parents laughing too.

We visited all the animals again, but had a scare when my friends middle child wandered off. He was found and announced on the loud speaker in the building, but not before she practically had a heart attack.

After that Cory wanted to know what these "balls" were and upon closer inspection he decided he would like to try it.

After Nana shelled out the $5 and he got in he pretty quickly decided he didn't really like it. I think he was scared.  Much more appropriate for kids about 5 and up.

My friend's two boys, notice the older one on the right is actually really getting into it.

When they went to get him out they spun the ball and flipped him, which he loved.  The weight limit was 240 pounds so it would be fun for a lot of adults too.  I wanted to try, but with Noah and everything I just didn't have the right opportunity.

We met the Wild wolf from our local hockey team.  Cory was super excited to see all the characters in costume this year, unlike last year when as close as he would get was to give Sparky high five.

He even climbed up in the wolf's lap in a tractor.

After a fun presentation on the light spectrum from a local PUD guy, we ate lunch, checked out the kids' exhibits, and then found the line for the balloon animal guy.
Cory was very patient and then asked for a...


I'm not sure if he'd seen one already or if he just came up with that on his own though.  Super cute!  Unfortunately it didn't even last until we got home.  FYI, balloon animals aren't made to be kid-handled, they come apart easily!

The weather was perfect, we met lots of friends, and that was our day at the fair!


  1. That looks like a really fun trip and those balls are so cool! I've never seen anything like it before!

  2. Oh I would definitely do the ball thingees....those look awesome!

  3. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Ahhh! Fair experiences! The pony ride would have been better for Cory!



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