Friday, September 10, 2010

PSF: The Many Adventures of Noah

Since Noah can't talk yet, the adventures are best described in pictures...

My big brother loves me!

The following pictures are in chronological order, pinky swear!

Brother's toys are way more interesting than mine and I will go get them!  Even when I have them and then put them out of my reach, I will get them again!  (that's exactly what happened!)
And Cory wasn't anywhere around or he might have had a fit that Noah was chewing on his "Mater and McQueen from the cake" as he calls them, since they came on his 3rd birthday cake!
Also please note the corner of the box in the first picture that looks a bit ragged... yes, I wasn't paying close enough attention and my baby was teething on a box.  Whoops!

Yesterday Cory was at Nana's house so Mama could get some things done, especially some curtains that our windows are still (after six months!) lacking!  The sewing machine is right next to Noah's crib...

Let me out Mama!

That's a little better!

How come you're not picking me up???

Alright, I can watch!

It was pretty fun having him right there next to me while I worked!
(Please excuse the weird coloring, my camera was having a heck of a time with the auto white balance what with 2 incandescent bulbs in the room and the shaded sunlight coming in the window!  Hey, a girl's got to have light to sew by!)

Today's adventure: Going to the county fair!  Pictures later!

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  1. Noah is getting SO big, and his hair, oh his hair. I love how it's long on top so perfectly, like how men pay to have theirs cut. He's precious.

    You're doing a great job, mama!



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