Monday, January 24, 2011

10 Months

I did take these pictures on his 10 month birthday, but it's taken me a week to get them up.  Life has been throwing some curve balls at us lately it seems and the blog/pictures haven't gotten priority.

We've gone entirely to big boy food now, albeit mostly strained or mashed.  Noah loves squash, something that Cory hated so it's fun to see how they are different.  We did get him to sign "more" a couple of times, but now it seems he just wants to squawk for more food if you don't feed him fast enough.  Mommy needs to eat too you know!  No new teeth on the horizon for now.

Noah also waved goodbye to Nana and Papa once, but I'm not sure he totally understands.  Mostly he just smiles a LOT, especially as long as he's on Mommy or Daddy's shoulder.  He has let us leave him in the nursery for Bible study and our Financial Peace University class.  The first couple times he wouldn't let the helpers put him down, but I think he's doing better now.  Cory is such a good big brother, he would rather be in the baby room on Sunday nights with Noah than in his own age room!

I'm a slacker getting out the next size clothing, but he really needs it.  He's barely still fitting into a few of the 9 month things, but mostly 12 months and up.  The next set is clothing Cory wore in the spring after his 1 year birthday and they will all fit Noah now... except for the shoes which were still quite a bit too big.  I guess it's a good thing he's not quite walking yet...

But he has been standing and will occasionally let go of the couch for a second.  He usually falls over quickly though!  At Christmas and since then he has started going from an object - end table, couch, plant stand - to Grandpa or Mommy with taking one step in between.  It's kind of a fall towards the person, but he's definitely taking the risk to go!

This is my bunny, Mommy!

Noah also likes to sing.  He will sing along during church since we keep him in with us.  He sings with Cory and they imitate each other.  He also loves it when I sing at night, just snuggles right on my shoulder and calms down.  It works wonders when he's upset during the day.  Yay for music!

We finally installed our new sink in the bathroom a couple weekends ago (that's another post in and of itself), but what little boy doesn't like boxes!  This one has become a car and also a collector of all the toys strewn about the living room.  Noah loves to climb inside and sit. 

It's the getting out that's the problem... most times it goes face first and he has since decided he doesn't like this so will sit and cry when he wants out.  I pick him up and 30 seconds later he's right back in the box!  He also likes to chew on the edges... oy!

Noah loves to go through my purse, the diaper bag, and any laundry that might be piled on the couch.  He will pull it all out, wallow in it, and then move it again.  It's hilarious, but I've had to hang my purse up since I don't really want him chewing on various receipts (did you know they contain BPA???), my wallet, etc.!

And finally... maybe 10 months was the magic number, but he's started sleeping through the night (knock on wood)!!!  He goes down at 8:30 and has been getting up around 6am to nurse and then usually going back to sleep for an hour or two.  This is much better than wanting to eat between 1 and 3am as well as at 7am!

So, it's time to start taking advantage of this and get to bed before midnight...

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