Monday, January 10, 2011

My Brother's New Babies

For those of you who know him... they're not human!  My brother's dog, Mara, had 6 baby Golden Retrievers on Thursday.  We got to go see them on Saturday.  Super cute as only baby puppies can be!  Of course they will be even cuter in another week or so when they get their eyes open!

Noah was thoroughly fascinated by them.  He petted the one my mom was holding, but then wasn't so sure for awhile and wouldn't even touch it.  Then he started "patting" it and was being a bit rough so that was that.  Later he just stood at the edge of the box and petted Mara, who doesn't mind his "patting" as much as newborn puppies might.

Cory held a puppy until someone mentioned it might poop on him.  Then he was done and was more interested in the treadmill and rock climbing wall.

This is Kevin's new seat in the house.  Reminds me of when our dog had puppies when I was in high school.  We have pictures of Kevin sitting at his desk in his room with a puppy on the desk or in his lap while he did his homework.  Here I think he's working, or he might be checking out movie times.  Either way, my guess is he spends a LOT of time in this chair in the next couple weeks!

There are four girls and two boys, all doing well it seems.  Mara is a good mother.  Here they've finally finished eating and then crawled all over each other, got comfy, and went to sleep.  So precious!


  1. Allison8:16 AM

    Adorable! I can't wait to see more pictures as they get older. Or maybe he could set up a puppy cam...

  2. absolutely adorable!


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