Thursday, January 20, 2011


So, I didn't intend for that last post to post...  I spent a good hour the other night writing out all the crazy things that have happened (there was a part 2) and then realized that I was just annoyed all over again.  Instead I intended to write all the reasons I was thankful for those problems.  Only thing is I forgot to un-schedule that post!

So if you will let me start over... and add the ones from the second post...

I'm thankful that we are (mostly) able to afford insurance for me.  I know many people are not.  I'm thankful that we are in good enough health that that insurance almost doesn't seem necessary.  I will be thankful for it when it is necessary.

I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to buy cleaner(chemical wise) things for my children to eat out of.  I'm thankful that I have money to spend on some little extra toys because I know they will love them.

I'm thankful that I will now have the opportunity to make ice cream for us with better ingredients.  My waistline probably won't thank me!

I'm thankful I have a camera to document life around me.  I love it (obviously) and I'm thankful I can sometimes even use it to make some money.

I'm thankful for friends who will loan me cameras when mine is being repaired!  And customer service people who do care when you call them with a problem.

I'm thankful for finding a good Christmas present for my brother, even if it did finally arrive after Christmas!

I'm thankful for our house.  That we have our own yard.  That we have more room.  That it's ours (we won't talk about the mortgage company!).

And finally, I'm thankful that we live in a place where if I don't like one store's policies I can go down the street to another store.  And I can support my local businesses!

There:  Now I feel a whole lot better!  Here's to working on the optimism side that I seem to be lacking... at least according to my husband!

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  1. =D No worries. Somedays are just like that.


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