Thursday, January 13, 2011

When it Rains it Pours

We got 3-4 inches of snow last night.  Enough to cover everything and make it gorgeous and white again.  It warmed up during the day so that it became thick and heavy and now it's frozen again.  But tomorrow it's supposed to rain and by Friday everything below 4,000 feet is supposed to have melted and they're predicting floods.  I hope it's not as bad as I've seen in a few previous years.

It seems to be quite literally pouring in my own life right now and I'm trying so hard to trust that God is still in control and we will be okay.  It's hard to see though when everything points to problems.

It started last Friday (this round, we won't talk about everything that's already happened) when my car wouldn't start, no accessory, no recognition that I had even put the key in the ignition.  It hadn't been driven for 2 weeks and it was super cold during part of that time.  We jumped it and let it sit for half an hour hoping that would be enough...  Saturday morning it was dead again.  After multiple jumps and also it idling itself to dead Brian finally drove it into town to have the battery tested.  The guy at Les Schwab said the battery was fine (so of course they wouldn't give us any credit towards a new one) and it was probable the alternator.  Brian drove on up to camp for his buddy's birthday and back.  Since then no problems, but I'm kind of holding my breath...
I also need to get my muffler welded back on before it falls off!  The rattling is horrid!  That and take it in to the tire shop to see why it's wobbling slightly when I drive... ever since they rotated my tires.
I suppose I can't complain too much as it is a 19 year old car with over 190,000 miles on it.  They do make Subaru's good.  We're just not ready to take on a car payment and I'll be sad to give up my first car!  Subaru doesn't make minivans either.  Sad face.

Then on Sunday we had a meeting after church and of course Noah was exhausted so I packed him... on my front, hoping he would fall asleep.  He did, but I killed my back.  It's ever so slowly getting better with hot showers and ibuprofen.  I really need to go to the gym and get back in shape, I know that's the solution.  Of course it's also hard to go to the gym when it's painful to even get in the car and go anywhere.

Next up, our kitchen sink.  Yes, this is a post that even includes the kitchen sink.  Ever since we got back from Christmas it's been acting like we have air in the lines.  Even if the water was just used within the last few minutes it would sputter.  Yesterday Brian was home while it was still light out so he went under the house and found water... drip, drip, dripping from under the sink.  When we finally looked under the sink we found water almost spraying out anytime you turned on the faucet!  He couldn't really tell where it was coming from so that necessitated a call to the plumber this morning.  However, we are only $20 poorer this time around (and feeling a little sheepish) since it was the fitting that attaches the spray nozzle that had come almost completely loose.  We had thought the worst though because this is where we'd had problems even before we bought the house and we know that we have incredibly hard water here (and really shoddy plumbing).

And finally... remember the snow?  Well, this morning on my way to Bible study the traffic was moving slow.  The three lane one way gets the middle lane filled with the plowed snow so traffic was doing 20mph in what is usually a 30mph zone.  Which means that the timing for yellow lights is off... which means that when the light turned yellow, yes, that camera controlled light, I could either slide through the intersection while trying to stop, or give it just a bit more gas and hope I made it.  Nope.  I was smack in the middle of the intersection when I saw the flash in my mirror.  My only hope is that 1) there was enough snow still on my bumper that my license plate was unreadable - it's possible, when I remembered to check after Bible study almost 1/3 of it was covered or 2) there is an actual human checking the videos who will realize that it was a snow day and give a little grace.  I know I wasn't the only one caught as there was another car just even with me in the other lane at the time the camera went off too!  Now just begins the frustrating waiting period to see if a ticket comes in the mail.

So, I suppose none of this is earth shattering, but when all the little things come at once it's easy to get down.  And I won't even talk about not being able to find nursing bras that fit... in a town this big you'd think more than 2 stores would carry {a very small selection of} them!
Perhaps this is the pessimist that I seem to be.  Or "someone" trying to discourage me from the good start I've got going in my Bible study and scripture memory.  But I don't really want to give any credit there.

Here's hoping for a fun day with my baby since Mom's got Cory for some Grandparent time.


  1. Allison6:51 AM

    Krista, I'm so sorry so many things are "hitting" right now. Praying for you this morning.

  2. The little things CAN build up. I'll be praying for you as you come to mind today - that God would encourage and strengthen your spirit for all of the "little" stuff.

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