Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Family Wedding

I apologize in advance for the number of pictures in this post... but I had a lot of fun looking through them and I will attempt to keep it to as minimum as I can...  However if you know me, you know I like pictures so that might be kind of hard!

I'm going out of order here because I just want to post the pictures for the wedding we went to on January first.  Becca is one of Brian's cousins and the first, other than he and his sister, to get married.  We met Cameron two Christmases ago and thought he was pretty swell right from the start!  I couldn't be more happy for them!

 This is my favorite picture although I did not take it.  
A relative that took some awesome ones at our wedding took it 
while we were all gathering for a family photo.

I won't go into the whole story of the week preceding the wedding... suffice to say that Allison was the caker baker in the house we were all staying in... and she was delayed getting in because of the weather back East.  So she lost an entire day to work on the vegan wedding cake!  But it still turned out amazing... all 44 pounds of it!  You try making a cake without eggs and see how dense and heavy it is!  

Allison made her own cake for her wedding and this one was super yummy too!

Dark chocolate with raspberry filling on the bottom.  Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting on for the middle.  Vanilla cake with lavender vanilla frosting and lemon curd filling for the top!

Trying to get a family picture when your family has 5 children, spouses, 10 grandchildren, some spouses and some grandchildren... and then Cameron's whole family too!  Yikes!  I'm glad I wasn't the official photographer!

 They did a walking singing processional with guitar and drum that was really neat.

And then her brothers, Mark and Jon, had to go out to walk her in.   
Her father was killed in a car accident just before I met Brian.

Part of the ceremony was a foot washing, talking about how they would serve each other.

They also gave each other their rings at this point.

One of the best wedding kisses I've seen in awhile...

And they were so excited they forgot to let the pastor announce them, they just walked out!

Some random hooligans... I mean cousins! at the reception.  They had fun snack foods including pistachios, Cory's favorites.  Grandpa is helping him here, but he can crack them himself.  We had quite a pile on our table when all was said and done!

They played nice and didn't get cake/frosting everywhere!

Aunt Cris, mother of the bride, hadn't met Noah yet.  He was enthralled with her necklace!

It's not playing favorites, but Aunt Cris is the sweetest lady ever!

The newlyweds actually got to enjoy a bit of their food...

A cousin picture!  With 3 in the next generation and 3 spouses now.

The best babysitter for Cory for the reception and the memorial the next day.  A freshman in college cousin with plenty of energy!

There was birdseed to be thrown and it was thrown in heaps.  I'm sure they were picking it out of their hair and clothes for days, not to mention the car!  I happened to be in the line of fire and found it inside the sling I was carrying Noah in and could feel it in my boots.  The next day I took off my coat and a sleeve flipped up and some even fell out of my cuff! I was also picking it out of my hair all night!

Congratulations Cameron and Becca!  Many happy years ahead!
Yes, all the white spots in this picture are birdseed...


  1. Of course, I'm looking at these trying to figure out where you are. ;D

    I'm also looking at the photographer (who I do not recognize) and thinking to myself, "Yes. That is EXACTLY why there are TWO of us!" Directing from a chair is extremely chaotic and so. very. difficult.

    The cake is AMAZING looking and absolutely FABULOUS!

    Of course I don't mind seeing a lot of pictures at a wedding. ;) It's fun!

  2. She's a lovely bride! I hope they have many, many happy years together.



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