Sunday, March 04, 2012

35 Weeks and Holding

Well, I'm definitely feeling better than I was on Thursday.  Although you can see the lovely bruise on the back of my hand from the blown IV.  There's a matching one on the other hand.

People keep telling me how small I look and I'm thinking... what planet are you from?  It's very odd to me because I know I'm way bigger than I ever was with either of the boys (comparison 35 weeks with Noah), and it is ALL in my stomach too!  Notice how far back I'm leaning?  Yeah, I didn't realize that until I looked at the pictures, but it's counterbalance!

I was measuring at term a couple weeks ago and he didn't even measure me last week.  At the last ultrasound they were also still growing each at the rate of a single baby so I'm guessing (according to the online averages) that they are each at least 5 pounds by now.  That's a lot of baby in there!

Now we just play the waiting game...


  1. I think it's a beautiful belly.

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  3. Allison9:32 PM

    I don't think you look small. :) It's fun to see a picture, and hang in there!

  4. You look absolutely radiant...twins make you twice as beautiful! :). I didn't mind getting all the "you look small" comments...better than the "omg! You are huge!" comment from one of my brothers-in-law :)

  5. I think you ARE small, especially considering that there are TWO babies in there! ;)

    As you know, I just hit the 35-week mark too. So ready to greet our new little girl.


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