Wednesday, March 28, 2012


There's a five year old in the house today... how is this possible?

Cory, my son, you are somewhere between a little boy and a full grown boy.  On any given day I'm not sure which is which!

New bike from Nana and Papa

You are independent and yet still need me for snuggles and play time.  You can take care of yourself, but sometimes you don't want to.  You're very particular and like things to go a certain way.  Sometimes it comes across as bossy, but I think I understand where you get it...

Showing Joy your new dragon

You're so creative and the things you say just crack me up!  I can't wait to see what you'll do with your life!

Loving on baby sister

Most of the time you are so helpful when I ask for a little thing.  I'm so glad to have you around now with my hands full of babies!  I know you love them too and it's so nice to see you lay down next to them and talk to them like you did with Noah.  You are a great big brother!

You love books and going to the library is a new favorite thing.  You're even starting to learn to read on your own and I was so impressed when you told me that a sign said "open" and you'd figured it out by sounding out the letters!

Cory, I pray that you will continue to think of others around you, that you will always be curious about the world, and that you will love to be around people like you do now!  Happy 5th Birthday!

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  1. I think five is amazing. You're so right. It's somewhere between little boy and full grown boy and some days it IS hard to tell which is which!

    Happy Birthday to your five year old!!


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