Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Noah!

Even though Noah's birthday isn't for a few more days the time is getting short for me so when my parents decided to come down for dinner I thought this would be as good a time as any to have a cake for Noah.

Someone had this Elmo cake pan at Bible study last year and I snagged it.  Totally awesome even if it did take me practically all day to make and frost it!

When he finally figured out what it was, Noah thought the cake was very cool!

While we sing Happy Birthday, Noah's version is "Happy Diaper".  He's been singing that to my mom all week and she always hope it's a "happy" diaper!

And he knows ALL about blowing out the candles!

After licking off the candle... a frosting mustache!

The cake was Betty Crocker gluten free Devil's Food cake and even though the pan called for 2 layers I think it would have been too thick/heavy.  As it was, we had a thin cake, but it tasted pretty darn good!  And eating the eyeballs and nose, etc, was fun for little boys as well!

Time for presents...

Aunt Annika brought lizards, one for each of the boys... they are a BIG hit!
Noah got the orange one... orange is his very favorite color right now!

Annika also got this fun plane that the propellers spin, there's a pilot that comes out, and a cargo hatch on the bottom the holds a little life raft.  Super cool.

Of course the parents are the ones that get the boy a toy with 30 pieces... don't ask me what we were thinking!

And someone has been very envious of Brother's Hexbug Nano that he bought last month... so we got him his own...

Orange of course!  And I have to say, kudos to the Hexbug people because apparently various colors of bugs are rarer than others.  So when I emailed to ask about finding an orange one they just sent me one!  I guess orange is rather rare.

And finally... he figured out how to get stuff out of bags most efficiently... just dump it!

Here's a very cool beach towel from Nana and Papa that has "Mani and Yanni" on it.  That would be Mater and Lightning in case you were wondering!

The birthday crew!  Annika's the end of February, my mom was last week, and Noah this week.  Yes, we have a lot of family birthdays in February and March!

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  1. Hexbugs just became popular in our household - to everyone but mommy! ;D

    Good thing you decided to celebrate early!


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