Sunday, March 11, 2012

36 Weeks = Full Term

According to my doctor at least I am now considered full term with twins.  And I am so DONE with being pregnant.  The itching on my belly is barely contained with benadryl cream and full on benadryl at night (I can't take it during the day or I'm worthless... or at least more worthless than I am already!)  Of course then I had to go read the ingredients today and discover that the cream is full of parabens... something I've been trying to avoid for the last two years in all cosmetics and body products.  Ugh.

Sleeping with Daddy's blanket... before the sick

On top of all that, Cory finally succumbed to the plague that we've all had and left us a lovely mess to clean up Thursday afternoon.  It required a carpet cleaner rental.  Noah stepped in it so I tried to carry him to the bathroom and of course managed to pull something in my lower stomach.  So, I'm back to the walking like a cripple and taking many minutes to get in and out of bed.  At least it's not my pelvis so I can sit somewhat better this time around.

I think we are all mostly healthy now, but Noah is on quarantine from any large group activities since he seems to be the most likely point of infection.  Poor kid.  But at least he got a few days by himself with Nana and Papa and he's having a ball.  Jello is the highlight of his week.  Who knew???

And on Wednesday the teachers at Brian's school (and my former) had cake and ice cream for us at lunch and supplied us with more diapers.  They even had a small gluten free cake for the boys.  We totally love this school!

At this point I kinda hope the girls wait another week since Noah's birthday is on Saturday and I'd really like to have a small party for him.  But at least my doctor will be back tomorrow night and my friend who will be my doula is back from her trip to Hawaii.  So... anytime!


  1. Yeah. I would imagine that you are a little more than ready!

    Big changes in ...any period of time now! Come on little girls!

  2. Lucky girls that mom is holding up this long! I am so excited for you and your family! (I know I am saying this over and over!!)


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