Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A buggy day and business news

Hey, did anybody notice the new button on the side bar? (I made it myself, I'm so proud!) It's my new business! All set-up and running! I even signed up to be in a holiday craft bazaar in 3 weeks... I think I might be crazy for that one! So, you can click on the button and it will take you to my personal Discovery Toys page where you can find lots of really fun and even educational (at the same time) toys!

End shameless plug here:

Today my best friend called me and we met at the little park by my house for lunch. This park has been in process since we moved here (2 years ago) and just a couple weeks ago they finally got some kids toys in. These are some pretty stylin' kids toys too. I'll try to take a picture next time so you can see what I mean. They almost look like they just landed from outer space they're that modern.
Anyways we were sitting on the bench and this little spider kept invading my space. Or maybe it was multiple spiders. Now this one was kinda cute (unlike the 3 inch one that ran over my sons toes at 1am at my in-laws house this summer and made me scream like a banshee). But it kept coming back! I flicked it away and pretty soon it was crawling on my arm again. So either there were multiples or it was really persistent and eventually I just had to moosh it. Sorry Mr. Spider.
Then later I was sitting in the big chair in the living room nursing and I noticed there's this black thing on one of the back couch cushions. It didn't exactly look like a spider, but that would have been an awfully big piece of lint. Mental note made to check when I'm done... which I promptly forget.
A bit later a friend calls up and while on the phone with her I sit on the edge of the couch and from this angle notice "Oh my gosh, there's a huge spider on my couch" failing to realize that if it really was a spider it probably wouldn't have still been there half an hour later. Finish the phone conversation and get a Kleenex to get it and then I realized that it was a cricket. I have no idea how it got in my house, but I very nicely picked it up and took it back outside. I have no beef with crickets. But Cory might think it was fun to chew on...

Speaking of chewing... I got 2 really cool necklaces in the mail today. Compliments of SmartMom. Come back on the 29th for a giveaway and win one for your punkin' to chew on!

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