Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Squash Revisited

I think I've decided that Cory just doesn't like new foods real well. Unless they're store bought... go figure! Tonight I added home made sweet potato to the list and he repeated the faces like when he was eating squash. So I made him some baby cereal, but then I decided to mix it half and half. He ate it without even a second thought. When the mix was gone I went back to straight sweet potato. By bite number 3 his mouth was not accepting food and he was complaining! By that I mean he "talks" quite loudly like he's trying to tell me just how awful this stuff is! It's hilarious!
The following pictures were taken on night number 3 of eating squash and even the camera wasn't distracting him from his displeasure this time!

The un-eaten squash he's complaining about

This is his gagging face - done for all new foods!

Mom, you're so mean!

Just let me get ahold of that spoon!

Why do I have to eat this stuff?

But he still loves us anyways! I think he looks so grown up when he wears pants and shirts (well, onesies so they stay tucked in!) rather than sleeper outfits! Don't you agree?

Kissin' Mama!

Daddy's rough-housing always brings a giggle!

I like flying, Mom!

Too cute baby butt!

I like whatever Daddy does with me!

Case in point, when I started editing the pictures for this post I heard giggling coming from the living room. I went out to find Cory buried under pillows from the couch and Brian covering him up with a light blanket and then going "Where's Cory?" and pulling the blanket off and saying, "There he is!". Cory would start giggling even before the blanket was pulled off, just when he heard Brian start talking. And then he would laugh like crazy when the blanket came off. It was way too cute!
He is definitely on his way to crawling. He pushes himself up on his hands and toes and sometimes knees and is starting to scoot backwards a bit. He gets really frustrated though because he's usually trying to go forwards towards his toys and instead gets farther away!


  1. Anonymous1:44 AM

    You are so blessed!

  2. Too Cute! He really is flying in one of those shots. That is such a fun age.

  3. Oh he's just adorable!

    I find feeding babies food to be the most amusing activity because they inevitably make horrid faces at EVERYTHING...then usually go back for more.

    And yeah for homemade baby food! We're those kinda crazies too!

    Crawling. Oh I dread it. Lily is trying to crawl too.

    (And don't ask where I just stalked you from I forget but I have a tendancy to just butt in and comment like I've always been here. lol.)

  4. Oh, too funny! What a doll. You can tell he TOTALLY doesn't want to even try to taste the new stuff.

  5. Anonymous1:47 PM

    What great photos! I love the one where he's up in the air.

    And did you get a new format or am I losing it? Either way I like it!


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