Sunday, October 21, 2007


I bet no one can guess where I just came from... no, it wasn't a hockey game, it was hockey practice. As in I was the one on the ice wearing 100 pounds of gear and trying to steer a little round disc around the ice with a stick! While not falling down. Actually I did manage not to fall down the entire time which was quite an accomplishment considering I haven't been on ice skates in at least 4 years and I've never been on hockey skates... without any brakes!

So, my friend Michelle apparently REALLY wants me to play hockey with her. She and Andrew were over last night for dinner and we were talking about it... all the reasons why I probably wouldn't do it. And then this afternoon she shows up at my house with a pair of hockey skates (used) that she bought for me in my size. So I went to practice tonight and wore all her gear and it was interesting... I'm EXTREMELY tired now, but of course I was majorly sweaty (what do you expect wearing 100 pounds of gear!) so I had to take a shower first and now I'm tired, but not sleepy. Ugh!
In case you're wondering what she wore if I was wearing her gear she has two sets since she's the goalie and this is the regular player gear that she doesn't use anymore. Seriously, it takes like 15 minutes to get dressed... and I haven't had to ask directions on how to get dressed in... I don't know, like maybe 25 years?!!!

I haven't entirely decided if I want to do this or not. It would be fun. It's a ladies recreational team - and the coach is named Rocky - and he owns Rocky's House of Guns here... :)
But it costs $200 just for practice time on the ice not to mention all the gear (which I could probably borrow for now), but then you play in tournaments and they are road trips so you have registration, gas, hotel, and food. Hmmm. I guess maybe I'll wait until the soreness wears off this week and see if I want to go back. I'll probably give it one more week at least and then decide. More things to add to my plate... or a fun new hobby...


  1. Anonymous8:23 AM

    My husband would so love if I took up hockey as a hobby. Your post makes me so not to do it so much more! I can't skate at all, so I guess I won't be doing it anytime soon! :)

  2. I bet it would be fun! I am impressed with your abilities!


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