Monday, October 08, 2007


What do you think of my new blog? Isn't it nice? I like it a lot! Super special thanks to Goofy Girl for doing all the hard work!

Today... I intended to do lots of things. But got very few of them done thanks to one uber-cranky little person... but you can't guess who?

So I am ignoring the mountain of laundry on my bed yet to be folded (washing it is about the only thing I got done today) and finally getting around to filling out this Meme that my penpal sent me, oh, about 2 months ago! Maybe you'll learn something new about me, than again maybe not! ;) It's called 4.

Four jobs I have had in my life:
Newspaper girl
Hotel front desk person - many different hotels!

Four movies I would watch over and over:
Finding Nemo
Monsters Inc.
Never Been Kissed
Ever After
(can you tell I'm a Pixar and Drew Barrymore fan? :)

Four places I have lived:
Leavenworth - "lovely" tourist town
San Jose, Costa Rica
Yellowstone National Park
Clatskanie, Oregon!

Four TV Shows that I watch:
Sorry, don't have a TV! although I will stop anytime I see Mythbusters, science geek that I am!

Four places I have been:
Mazatlan, Mexico
New Orleans, Louisiana
Banff, Canada
Atlanta, Georgia

Four people who e-mail me (regularly):
My mom!
My college roommate, Wendy
My penpal, Amy
My mother-in-law

Four of my favorite foods:
Fresh fruit - like from a fruit stand - I love where we live!
Chocolate - preferably dark!

Four of my favorite beverages:
White grape juice
Cranberry juice
Ruby Red Squirt (I know, I had to go and throw something un-healthy in there!)

Four places I would rather be right now:
Somewhere that the little man is happy
Living in a Spanish speaking country
At a reunion of all my friends in one place so I don't feel guilty about not seeing them enough!
In a new house with enough closets/storage so I don't feel like I'm living in the middle of clutter!

Four things I am looking forward to this year (as in a year from right now I presume?)
Little man learning to walk and say a few (?) words!
Going to visit Yellowstone next summer!!!!!

Now if you are so inclined, post or email me your list!


  1. Anonymous12:29 AM

    Love the new look! I'm going to post the meme on my blog...

  2. It's SO pretty here! I love what you've done with the place!

  3. Krista - thank you so much for the comment on my blog! I really appreciate it...and he advice on how much to charge for babysitting. Actually $5.00 an hour is what I was really thinking was a fair price. And no, he wouldn't be babysitting any infants at this point anyway.

    Thanks for stopping by. Come back :)

    I'll stop back by yours also. Have a great evening.


  4. I do like your layout. I didn't see the old one so I can't compare it, but this one is pretty.

  5. HAHA those pics were so funny! Taite loves veggies. He can eat greenbeans in the babyfood cans like candy.. but squash isnt a fav of his. he tolerates the 1st few spoonfuls then turns his head.

    Very cute, enjoyed my visit :-)

  6. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Hey I'm Jason Hollister,Old friend of Brian's I've been trying to track him down. Your blog site is all I found. Looks like you guys are doing great. That is one cute kid. Would you give him my email address and ask him to get back to me? Thanks


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