Friday, October 05, 2007

Technology - the Love/Hate Relationship

Since it seems to me I'm kind of in a complaining mood this week I was all set to write about some fun things that Cory is doing and post some pictures that we got of the 2nd time he ate squash... and let's just say he makes the same funny faces for every new food he tries!
But then I discovered this morning that my eBay account had been hacked - the email and name was changed - and they bought 17 items of computer and video game equipment running up into the thousands of dollars. Ugh. So after multiple hours online and 2 different sessions with eBay live help I *think* I finally have it all straightened out.
Which also means that I didn't get to run my errands while Cory was up between naps, but then Brian came home early so I went after school. (They were things that had to be done before tomorrow or I wouldn't have even bothered)
Then I also discovered that gmail doesn't work very well in Firefox, which is my preferred browser. So let's just say I'm ready to throw my computer out the window at the moment!
Not to mention that I'm all freaked out about people using my pictures to make some pervy profiles on orkut - which is some new social networking site run by google. I'm trying to figure out how to watermark my pictures in a very visible way without ruining the picture entirely... wish me luck!

The one (or two!) good things that happened today... I got my Discovery Toys start-up package in the mail!!!!! The toys are so cool and I can't wait to get started! My mom came down and was looking through the catalog and said she actually has some old versions of quite a few of the toys! I only remember the MarbleWorks and this shape matching little kids toy, but this has got to be a good selling point!
So I'm off to read up on how to be a good consultant - and tomorrow I'm taking the day off from technology. I'm going to a baby shower (yay!) and then going to paint Cory's new/hand-me-down crib!

Happy weekend all!

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  1. This happened to me a year ago with Ebay. I was so frustrated & angry. I actually haven't used Ebay much since the problem...I don't know why...I guess I spent so much time on their site trying to figure it all out that I was done.

    New header since I was here last. Very cool!!


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