Sunday, October 28, 2007

Of Weddings and Internets

Yesterday we went to a wedding. It was kind of at the last minute since technically we didn't get invited... wedding crashers? But I've known the bride since she was little and Brian went to the bachelor party last weekend... so I guess it was okay! And not like they had a sit-down dinner or anything... still, I feel kinda weird about it!
But it was such a fun wedding! The pastor was quite dramatic and personal - a little too personal if you ask me, but then I didn't know him at all. The bride and groom are young, maybe 19 and 20? And so cute, they didn't know they could hold hands while he was giving his message so they just stood there close, but not touching! Then after he kissed her they started walking and the pastor had to reach out and bring them back so he could actually pronounce them husband and wife!

Celisse and Jacob
(She wore her grandmother's wedding dress!)

Isn't this just the coolest wedding decoration you've ever seen?

Oh yeah, and this is the bride's younger brother crawling in through the back hatch to turn on the (manual) car with his hands...


In other news... who knew you could get such cool stuff on the internet! Remember the website I told you about awhile back called Mom's Turn? Well, by telling you about it I entered myself in a drawing and I was one of the winners! I won a set of handmade note cards. They are so cool and she even asked me what kind I would use the most so I got ones that are useful to me! Lots of birthday, wedding, thank yous, and some personalized ones with my initial on them. So fun!

And these are just half of them!

I also entered an Autumn Goody Swap hosted by Christine at Are We There Yet Mom. This is what I received from my partner Karen Beth. It was a candle wrap (candle mine), some bath beads, and some favorite candies in this house, black licorice and taffy!

I'm still waiting (with bated breath) to see what I get from my scrapbooking partner!


  1. Hi Krista

    I love the look of your blog, esp all the pictures at the top.

    And may I say these are GORGEOUS cards!!!! Can you believe I got my first cards with M on for my birthday this year (at the ripe old age of 33?!)

    Oh, I came over because of your comments on my blogs.

    Organising queen and
    Marcia's take charge blog

  2. That couple looks so young. Isn't it funny how much younger people in their twenties look ... the older you get!? ugh.

  3. Krista-ohh good goodies!!

    I hope you like waht you get for scrapbooking stuff. *wink* LOL. It has been sent so you should get it soon


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