Saturday, May 31, 2008

14 Months Old!

Yes, I realize this post is way overdue. Sorry family! I totally wasn't paying attention to the dates this week so just today finally tried to take some bunny pictures. Cory's so active now that I can't get him to stand or sit still long enough to get a decent picture! Brian came home and I got a couple more, but actually just the very first one turned out the best... too bad I had my camera set wrong so it's too grainy to blow up.

This month Cory has finally gotten some molars. One on each side of the top are growing in.

He LOVES going outside and if you say "Let's go" or "outside" he will walk right over to the door and bang on it. He's an escape artist if anyone opens the door as well. Good thing it's nice out now! And once he's out he can usually be found with a stick in one hand and a rock in the other. We have an abundance of rocks for him to choose from since they are part of the landscaping right out our front door.

We're also teaching him a bit of sign language and you have no idea how cute that is! He can say "eat", "more", "all gone"(which he also uses for all done), and we're working on "banana" since that's one of his favorite foods. It's a more complicated sign requiring you to stick up one finger and then "peel" it like it was a banana with the other hand. He'll get it pretty quick I'm sure!

Cory is also quite vocal, "telling" us stories about all kinds of things and talking to his toys. Some of the things do sound like words even. He will point at things and say "wa at" which sounds pretty close to "what's that?" The other day I was in a little shop and the lady brought out some toys for him to play with while I was looking at sewing supplies. He said "an oo" and we both looked at each other like "did he just say what we thought he did?" It sure sounded like Thank You to me! I guess a lot of it is the inflection and he seems to have that down so it sounds more like what we think he's saying.

He understands a lot of what we're saying too. For example, besides the "let's go" he will bring you a book if you ask him if he wants to read a story. He will sometimes bring you one shoe if you tell him we're going outside, and he will go to the bathroom or his bedroom if you ask him if he wants a bath or a nap (but only if he's tired!).

He's had the "in" part of stacking things down for awhile, but now he's finally figured out how to stack things on top of each other rather than just take them apart when I've stacked them up.

He'll help us when we're changing his clothes by sticking his arms out or pulling them down for his shirts. It's pretty nice actually!

So family, now you know what to expect since we'll be seeing most of you in just a few weeks time!

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  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Those photos of Cory turned out great!

    I'm so behind in Baby Bug's professional photos. I think the last time I took her was when she was 9 months old. She's now 2 1/2. *sigh*


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