Sunday, May 11, 2008

Scrapbook Par-tay!

Hey, have y'all noticed the big pink (half missing) banner on the left side of my blog? It's been there for awhile now. In case you didn't, and don't live with a craft junkie, May is scrapbooking month! And May 3rd was actually supposed to be scrapbook day, but did I participate, well, not exactly.

But see, there's this really cool party going on over at Scrapping Servant. It's a scrapbook party, what else!

Scrapping Servant Blog Party

And I had the best intentions of getting my scrapbook out today, but sadly it didn't happen. Since it was Mom's Day we spent it with mom! But it's not her fault :) my son messed up his nap schedule and then I just wimped out. I will get on it this week though... I'm working on the spring of 2002 right now, my junior year in college!

Yes, I know I'm extremely far behind. But in the past year I have gone from 1998 to 2002! Be impressed! I also did my wedding album right before Cory was born. So, besides the album I'm working on I'm sitting here looking at 5 12x12 albums each with 30+ (double sided) pages in it dating back to roughly 5th grade. And this doesn't include my wedding album. That's a lot of pictures my friends!

So here's my question to you. What do you do with your pictures? Do you scrapbook? Just stick them in a slide-in album? Have them all in boxes? :)
And if you have all digital pics, what do you do with them? I haven't really gotten to those yet since we've only had the digital camera since 2005... and that means I have easily 4x as many pictures from the last 2 1/2 years than I did for the previous 3 years!

Well, that probably has something to do with having a baby, right? Good thing we've taught him to stay out of the kitchen or I wouldn't be able to leave my supplies out even overnight. And then I would never get anything done!

Tell me what you do with your pictures and then don't forget to go join the par-tay!


  1. Im pretty much like you, the old ones before digital camra are in albums or boxes. The digital stuff is all stuck nicely on puter. Alot of them I've burned to CD which are also in the box of photos. I've also uploaded recent ones to flickr. They are just everwhere!

  2. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Hello girlie... I'm glad you joined the party. I'm sorry about the half missing banner :o) I guess I never did get back to that comment of yours did I? *sigh*

  3. I have found the scrap bookers digital dream come true - MyPublisher. It's an online created scrapbook. I like this program because you can download it to your computer, so you don't have to wait to upload all the pictures. After you finish your book, you upload the entire book and it's mailed to you. I LOVE it - I did this for Addison's first year, and it's also great because you can get multiple copies of the same book (hard to do with real scrap booking). Anyway, I'm planning to use it to make a family book every year, and get a copy of each one for Addison to have when she gets older.

  4. Pictures are one of my favorite subjects to talk about....along with organization.
    First thing is that I never let pictures pile up on me. I order my digi prints each month and immediately when they come in the mail I sort them.
    Then I label them with the dates on the back with an archival pen.
    One pile goes into my scrapbook sorting box, the other pile goes into an album with sleeves.
    The key to being organized is to only touch a pile of pictures once to sort them. Do it and it's done and voila! I know what I will scrapbook and what will go into regular albums.
    Before I used to order 6 months at a time - wow was that difficult! I had no idea when things happened because pictures would sit on my desk or table for weeks and I'd never get them into an album let alone a layout.
    So I always suggest: get them off that camera quickly, label them with dates, sort and put into two boxes (to scrap and not to scrap) or a box to scrap and an album to store).
    And I love your blog! I'll definitely be stopping by again soon :)
    Happy National Scrapbooking Month!
    Lisa aka The Scrap Princess

  5. Welcome to the scrapping party. Happy scrapping!

  6. I'm having fun jumping from blog to blog. Find me in the sign in to see my party welcome if you have time.

    I am so far behind, but when I do get to scrap, I love it! I keep my pix organized by date in all matter of bags and envelopes. I am vowing to get as caught up as possible this summer when I'm off and to do a digital scrapbook. Know any good programs?

  7. Nice to meet another bloggin' scrapper! Hope you've enjoyed being a part of the blog party! C'mon by Wani's World sometime!


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