Saturday, May 03, 2008

Notes from my life

So this summer is my 10 year high school reunion. Wow. Sometimes it seems like high school wasn't that long ago (I'm not going to say it was like yesterday though) and other times it feels like so much more than 10 years. At this point it's more than a third of my life (yeah, do the math, you know how old I am) and you know the first few years don't count since you can't remember them anyway!
I'm actually kind of excited about this (okay, I'm more than a little excited). Ever since we went to Brian's reunion two summers ago I have been thinking about what mine will be like. Not nearly as cool as his since our reunion committee is a bit frazzled at the moment. Think 2 newborns, 2 weddings, and one that lives a long ways away... but I'm sure we won't care much as long as we get a chance to talk!
We had a relatively small class, 92 walked and there were a few more that didn't so we'll say about 100. And many of these kids had been together since kindergarten. So I'm hoping that a lot of people will make this a priority. Unfortunately they planned it for the 4th of July weekend. Doh! What were they thinking!
Anyways, I went to see my friend Annie yesterday since she has a 3 week old baby. The baby wasn't even due yet, but she came a little early! She's fine and really cute and I hope Annie doesn't stress too much over the reunion stuff since she's only one of two (the other has a baby too!) on the committee that actually live in Leavenworth!
Fun times!

I was up in Leavenworth yesterday, visiting the parents, and my college roommate was in town so she came over for lunch. Very cool. We went and visited great-grandma of course and then just as I was about to go home I remembered that I needed the head light changed in my car (because it was getting dark). Now realize, I'm not super smart when it comes to cars, but I can usually change my own headlight! Except that on my lovely Subaru Loyale the battery is right behind the headlight so you have to take it out to change the headlight. I want to know who engineered that! When my dad and I finally got the battery out we couldn't get the headlight out of the socket... until I realized there were directions inside the box. What a weird place to put them! And you had to leave the headlight in the housing so you had enough leverage to get the plug out. I think they must have made all these designs so difficult so people would just give up and take it into the shop thereby ensuring mechanics will always have work and always be able to look at women as dumb when it comes to cars. Ha. I outsmarted you on this on... this time!

And finally... has anyone ever tried using one of those home waxing kits? I think there must be a reason they were on sale...
I've never done waxing at all so I had no idea what I was doing... let me just say? What is the point of waxing when it doesn't get all the hairs? I'm sure I'm doing it wrong, but at this point for the amount of pain? I'll stick to shaving, thankyouverymuch!

Hope you all are having a great weekend! :)

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  1. I had a blast at my reunion. We had three hundred or so graduate but around 50 came to the reunion. Pretty much the popular kids the middle of the road kids (us) and some of the nerdy kids. It was funny cause we all went straight to our "click" just like old times. I think you'll have fun.

    thanks so much for voting for me. :)


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