Thursday, May 08, 2008

Cory's Life

This week hasn't been so fantastic in a lot of ways. However my fantabulous son Cory is always good at making me smile.

I think I've forgotten to mention in his "monthly review" that when we are reading books I can start to turn the page and he will either do it immediately or as soon as I say "turn the page, Cory" he will grab the page and turn it. It's really fun to have him be so involved in reading!

Last night some friends were over to talk about our life group situation. They have a 17 month old daughter and she walks all around. We were noticing that while they were here Cory was definitely trying to walk more. It was fun to see! When they left he wanted to go out the door, too (he always aims for the door if it's open!) so we let him and instead of getting down to crawl he continued to walk out on the sidewalk until he lost his balance.

I guess all he needed was a little friend to "compete" with!

Today we went shopping and he was charming all the little old ladies in the grocery store. That boy is a) too cute for his own good and b) very social. A deadly combination!

Here's something I found today... Check out this site on Compassion's blog and find out how you can support them during the month of May by Searching Kindly. You can also go through this portal to shop and they will get money. It's totally free to you and since Compassion is one of the few causes that I support 100% I'm asking all of you to please consider this! Thanks so much!

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