Thursday, August 28, 2008

17 Months...

That time, it's flying by! More so this summer when we were just go, go, go. I hope it calms down a bit now that school's starting and we'll have a more consistent schedule!

My little man is 17 months old now! And talking up a storm! While on our Yellowstone trip Grandma taught him quite a few new words and since we've been home he's just kept it up. Repeating at least the first syllable of practically every word we say, or at least ones that catch his ear.
Favorite words to say are "car" (that's for you Grandpa!) and "light" although it's just mostly the "L" sound with pointing so we know what it is! He has figured out light switches too and they are quite fascinating.
He also knows all the body parts on your head and will point them out when asked, on you and on himself! He particularly likes noses... "noe"!

I think he ate too many bananas because he's not really asking for them anymore, but he will eat and beg for anything mom and dad are eating!

He has been super cranky this week and I think that's due to the fact that all four of his eye teeth are in the process of coming in. Two have poked through, but the bottom two are all mounded up and look pretty sore. I was wondering when he would get more teeth and hadn't really been paying attention and sure enough when we got home from Yellowstone the top two were just starting to poke through. I'm amazed he wasn't more cranky on the trip!

He really loves books and if you ask him to pick out a story he will go get one and then come sit in your lap. I love it!

I got out the set of stacking boxes I bought last spring and he has been having fun with them this week. He can actually stack a few up, which surprised me. He gets a little frustrated after awhile though because he'll get 2 or 3 stacked up and then trying to put on another knocks the last one off with his fingers under the box in his hand.

And finally... my poor son is cursed with his mama's wide feet and his daddy's high arches. It is impossible to find shoes for him! I'm reduced to looking for Stride Rites (them come in extra wide!) on ebay because to buy them regular price is $50 a pair! Of which he will just outgrow in another 6 months. Yikes!

Another month come and gone... next month I will try to get bunny pictures again!

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  1. It's always amazing to me how quickly their vocabulary grows when they really want to talk! My younger daughter isn't quite there, but it'll be soon.


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