Monday, August 25, 2008

Yellowstone Part 1 - First There Was A Wedding

The grand tour adventure starts here:

We made a detour before we even got started and headed south to Hermiston for some old family friend's daughter's wedding. She's about 4 years younger than me, but we were at Fox at the same time and did some evening swimming exercise. She's also a teacher so that makes it fun!

But first a stop at the rest area and Cory finds out about dandelion puffs!

The wedding was at a home with a gorgeous view. About an hour before the ceremony a crazy hail storm blew through. So when we got there the ground was white with quarter size hail stones and all the groomsmen were wet from trying to keep things from blowing away! It all worked out in the end and made for a very pleasant evening since it cooled the 95 degree temp down to the mid 70's.
Miss Bethany

Miss Rebecca

The most adorable flower girl

Ali and her dad

Second child, first daughter to get married

See, stunning setting!

Nathan and Alison

Did I mention this family has 6 children? The two bridesmaids above are younger sisters. Rebecca lives in Montana and we hung out while I was in grad school. I also got to see her last month at Creation.

And from here we met Grandma and Grandpa (Brian's parents - mine were already with us) in the morning to head for points east!


  1. Anonymous5:54 PM

    How Beautiful! I love the colors and flowers in her bouquet. Time with friends is always special.

  2. Kids and dandelion puffs! At least you didn't let him do it in your yard. We made that mistake with Cinderella. We're still paying for it 3 years later.

    Beautiful photographs!

  3. its funny everyone looks so old, but I think its just because I got married young. go figure

  4. I just ment the bride and groom look older, I hope it didnt come across wrong? I havent been to a wedding for a while. sorry If It was misunderstood

  5. Anonymous6:51 PM

    I didn't realize Allison got married. What a beautiful wedding. How fun you got to go.

  6. A beautiful wedding!


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