Saturday, August 16, 2008

We're Back - or - The Un-Vacation

We have returned from our Yellowstone trip.

2,000+ miles, one wedding, four couples (all related) and a baby!

Cory was a Champ. He survived on about one hour of nap time a day (in the car) really due to the fact that he is very social and he had both sets of grandparents around to occupy him!

I, am exhausted.

Someone kindly remind me next time I volunteer to be a tour guide that the tour guide spends most of their time thinking about the schedule? Thank you.

I guess there are two major points that were a disappointment. First that I was subconsciously expecting a repeat of some of my experiences from working in the park... but I was going back as a tourist. We saw all the major points (pictures will be forthcoming) and I had seen them all before so they weren't quite as impressive to me.

Second, and I guess more importantly, I was supposed to meet a friend there the first day and we never connected. It made me wonder for the whole week if he was avoiding me for some reason or was just out of town. Yet we had been planning on meeting for months.

Today we came home to find 5 messages from him on our home phone. I had called him I think 3 times and left our cell phone number at least twice. I know he got my messages since he referenced them.

I was again unable to reach him tonight and I think I'm going to be unsettled until I have a chance to talk to him. He was a good friend while I was working in the park and in the 8 years since. It's sad that I wasn't able to see him when we drove right through his small town.

A more upbeat and complete report of our trip will come later this week. When I have had a chance to recover!

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  1. Welcome home! I love Yellowstone, and I can't wait to go back someday with my kids. However, the no nap thing really sucks.


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