Sunday, August 10, 2008

Book: The Jewel of Gresham Green

Please go to the CFBA blog for the current post about this book. We're out of town so I am not able to get the info posted here.

You can also sign up to be a book reviewer there if you're interested. And no, not all the books are quasi-historical romance or chick-lit! Those are just the types of books I prefer reading!


I own a couple of other books by Lawana Blackwell and enjoyed them. The problem with this book was that the back cover synopsis pretty much gave away most of the story. That ruined the first half of the book for me because I kept waiting for the main characters to "meet".

I was also a little disappointed at how neatly everything wrapped up in the end. And that the main character the story is named after, Jewel, didn't seem to factor in nearly as much as some of the other characters. These other characters were introduced in other books although this is a stand alone novel. It's just that there was a fun little romance with Jewel that was barely given the time of day.

Oh well, I guess I'm not the author, right?

Overall a well written story, but I have enjoyed some of her other novels more.

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