Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sonic... For Better or For Worse?

Last night we walked down to the new Sonic in town. Those of you who have never heard of Sonic... well, I think you just heard all the Sonic fans scream!

Sonic is a drive-in fast food type restaurant that started in Oklahoma. We are only the 3rd Sonic restaurant in all of Washington state. Apparently this place has quite the reputation, such that it's been open for almost 2 weeks now and there is still a half hour wait for a spot at the drive-in! One of my husband's students works there and he tells us that people are driving over from Seattle just to eat there...

This is where Daddy forgets to tell us he's taking the picture!

I'm not sure I'd go that far, although my $2 large (which was actually huge!) lemon-berry slushy was pretty darn good.

I guess it's a good thing that although it is within walking distance of my house it's a good 3 mile walk round trip! I swear I'm not trying to counteract the fact that I also finally joined a gym yesterday!

This is how we really feel about Sonic... Cory has his mouth full!

I just wonder how the carhops are going to do on their roller skates come November when the parking lot is icy...


Now for the second part of my title.

The comic strip For Better or For Worse has finished. Today is the final new strip. The creator (animator? illustrator? what do you call these people?) has decided that she's going back to the beginning and re-doing some of the old strips, writing some individual new strips here and there, but she won't be continuing the story lines on into the future.

I know it's slightly ridiculous, but this makes me really sad! I'm the same "age" as Elizabeth and I have loved this strip for so many years...

I guess all I can say is that I'm glad she finally married Anthony!


  1. First off, I cant imagine living all my life with out a Sonic. Maybe it's because their headquarters are in OK. They have always just been around.

    That is sad that BFW is done. It should be neat to see the re runs.

  2. all good things do come to an end I guess. The last time I was sad about a comic strip was calvin and I miss them. hope you had fun eating at sonic speeds. congrats on the gym membership.

  3. I cannot believe how old your little boy looks. He is very handsome. It makes me really miss you guys seeing you hangin out and havin fun!


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