Monday, December 20, 2010

9 Months

Nine months old on Friday and the big boy got his first "real" hair cut.  I had trimmed the bangs before, but this time went all around.  There's not a whole lot of red left anymore, it's mostly blond now.

Still as social as ever!  This was the first picture I took... it always seems the first one is the best!  After that he was more interested in the bunny and I had to make funny noises to even get him to look at me.

Anything and everything that can go in the mouth will... although food and textures are still sometimes an issue.  We are starting to wean off the store bought baby food as he tolerates some more texture.  Now I can put all my canned fruit to good use!  Mixing it with baby oatmeal works too although he hates rice cereal.  Anything that's not fairly smooth with a lot of liquid gets spit out though.  And no more new teeth yet.

Noah is one active little boy.  It was hard to even get him to sit still long enough for me to pick up the camera and try to take a picture!

What Mom?  You want me to pose?  But I want to move!

He figured out how to get over the "wall" we'd created, but not safely so I just dismantled it.  Now the trick is to teach him to stay out of the kitchen.  The rooms can be closed and the rest of the living room is fairly safe.  Plants might be moving to a higher shelf yet again though.

Cory was gone for less than 24 hours with my parents and when I saw them pull up I put Noah up to the window to watch them come in.  When he saw Cory he let out the biggest shriek and started patting the window.  He was soooo excited to see him!

Effects of the haircut after having been asleep for a few hours... this is the best case of bedhead I think I've ever seen on either of my boys!

The boys are doing fairly well sharing a room.  Better in the evening than for naps since Cory just wants to talk and play and that keeps Noah up.  If I can get Noah to sleep before Cory goes in and convince Cory not to be noisy all is usually well!

Oh, and since he officially weighs in over 23 pounds fully dressed today I switched out the car seats.  It's a bummer since he does fall asleep in the car and now I will have to wake him up while getting him out.  But he was a bit heavy to carry in the infant seat anyway!  I'm not sure what I'm going to do about grocery shopping since he still wants to chew on everything... perhaps I'll end up packing him in the Ergo if I can't find a cheap shopping cart cover.  The other bad thing is that it now leaves no room in the front seat of my car for a passenger since this seat is bigger and forces the front seat up almost into the dash.  Bummer!  And Cory was a year old before we had to move him... I think perhaps Noah may end up being the "big" brother!

Sorry for the bluish cast to all the bunny pictures.  It was an overcast day and I'm using a friend's camera while mine is in the shop (a really awful saga even though it was just for minor cleaning/repair) and the white balance is not what I'm used to.  Bummer.


  1. I love the photo of the two brothers at the window! Story is cute too.

  2. Yeah, what is it with Rice Cereal? It must taste disgusting because my boys wouldn't touch it either. Oatmeal was the better choice.

    Love the bedhead! =D Cute!

  3. He is so sweet + so happy! I especially like the photo of the two brothers (and grandma) peering through the glass.


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