Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Best of 2010

My friend Jill at The Diaper Diaries listed her top ten presents she got for Christmas.  I'm not even sure I got 10 presents, but I did get some cool stuff!  So I started thinking about what other things I could make a top 10 list out of... and I decided that this year has had some major good moments I should highlight!

So, without further rambling... the Top Ten of 2010 (and hey, it even rhymes!)

  1. Buying our first house!
  2. Our St. Patrick's Day baby!
  3. My big boy turning three.
  4. My most favorite baby picture ever! (the second one) and the fact that I have such a smiley friendly baby!
  5. Cory's (late due to Noah's birth) train party.
  6. Going more green with our own garden and really paying attention to what's in our food and personal care products.  This means a lot to me so I'm glad to have had the time and energy to make some changes this year.
  7. Actually getting to go away for our anniversary (#5) for the first time, and going back to our honeymoon cabin!
  8. Getting to spend a weekend at the summer camp I used to work at.  I'm about as sentimental as they come so being a "camper" ~ albeit staying in the speaker's room and bringing my children ~ brought back a lot of fun memories!
  9. Getting some new things for our house - second hand or not, it's been fun to really feel like it's "ours".
  10. December - this goes along with the whole sentimentality thing, I love Christmas! - having a really good birthday weekend this year and being very surprised by my Christmas present!  In relation to the second link in #9 above, I was debating between the Cricut machine or the Willow Tree Nativity.  I settled on the Cricut from my MIL and then was so surprised to find the Nativity from my parents on Christmas Day!  I think it's exciting because while it's something I really wanted it wasn't actually specifically on my list!  Lists are very useful, I fully admit, but I think I really love to be surprised.  Well done, Mom!  And tomorrow is actually our second Christmas, so here's to a good one!

As I was reading back through my blog I realize there are so many other things I could highlight.  We spent some good time with grandparents before losing two of them.  Good times in the sad.  We've "done" a lot of things this year.  It's so easy to get bogged down in the day to day until you stop and look back and see all the good things, big and little, that have happened too.  These are the things that I remember looking back.  Perhaps that's the true definition of rose colored glasses!

And now since we are spending this week with family, if I don't see you before then, Happy New Year!

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