Friday, December 10, 2010

Birthdays according to Boys

When my middle "boy" found out it was my birthday he was adamant that we have a cake.  Mama, it's your birthday then we must have a cake.  I said we would make one and he pestered me all morning until we could finally do it!  Unfortunately someone couldn't keep his fingers out of the batter so he didn't really get to help make it.  But he was sure interested in watching it cook!  And then when it came out, "can I have some cake now?"  He's definitely figured out that birthdays = cake!

My oldest "boy" made me this as a birthday card!  It's tissue paper, all one piece!

And then when he came home after I asked him to stop at the store and get some more baby food... he had these!

This is a vase we actually got for our wedding and I could never figure out how to use it, but I wanted to... finally I remembered the giant bag of marbles I bought for our Marble Works awhile back.  There were a ton left and they worked perfectly for helping the roses stand up instead of hang over limp. 

Roses really are just gorgeous!

And then, all my birthday cards came in the mail today!  We're going to have dinner with my parents tomorrow and see the new Narnia movie at their little theater where it will NOT be in 3D.  Can I just tell you how happy that makes me!  I hate 3D, plus, free babysitting!  Otherwise we'd almost decided not to go as it was just so expensive down here.

It's been a pretty good birthday all things considered!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (again!)

    That card made out of tissue is awesome. Roses aren't bad either!

    And cake on a birthday. I think it's a necessity.

    Saw Narnia this afternoon. Curious for your thoughts. =) I'll be writing something up later this evening.


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