Friday, December 03, 2010

PSF: Happy Black Friday to Us

Christmas came a little early to our house... about a month to be exact!

Brian and his dad go shopping mostly just for the fun of it on Black Friday.  They don't go super early, I think he left here at a quarter to 7.

One of these things is not like the others

This year we'd hoped to buy a TV in the hopes of eventually getting a Wii... but some friends gave us their old one and so we had one less expense and Brian found a relatively good deal...  Yes, we now own a Wii, a limited edition red one no less.  So give me your game recs because we have no clue!

The boys and I picked up my mother-in-law a bit later and hit Target and a few small stores including Hallmark.  I was showing her the Willow Tree nativity I like and she said she was looking for things that I might like for my birthday (next week!) and Christmas.  Then later I happened to mention that there was a screaming good deal on the Cricut at JoAnn's and I'd really liked working with it at my last scrapbooking retreat.  These two things were the same price so I had to choose... but the nativity wasn't on sale so I went with the Cricut.  It hasn't made it out of the box yet, but I know it will be used heavily on scrapbooking weekends!  And if you have no idea what this is... well, I didn't either until I actually used it last month!

And finally...

Yes, I'm showing you the inside of my garage

The thing I'm actually most excited about!!!  Brian and his dad bought some shelving units at Lowe's and they put them together that afternoon.  I don't have a before picture, but just realize that we had zero shelves and all of that stuff was piled and stacked all over the floor.  I literally had to do the funky walk to get to anything I wanted.

It was snowing when I took these pics, hence the white streaks

I guess the moral of the story is... the way to this girl's heart is through an organized house!  And Merry Christmas to us!


  1. We got a Wii last year and so far I think our favorite is the vacation sports thing (yeah, ok, when I call something a "thing" you know I'm not real clear on this.) It's the one with sword fighting and bicycle racing on it and it's some vacation named thing. Anyway, keeps you active and daddy and our eldest esp. love to play it.

    Have fun!

  2. I have the Willow Tree nativity and I ADORE it! I hope it goes on sale soon. And I really want a Cricut. Good choice. :)

  3. Talk about a great week for you!

    I have a Cricut and I love it! And yeah for the Wii! Now you can review Wii games, too! :-)


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