Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Again

Despite the hassles of trying to coordinate two Christmases in two different states it is fun to spread out the celebrations a bit!  Wednesday was our second Christmas... and you could definitely tell it was in Oregon!  We had alternating snow showers and bright gorgeous sun and then finally hail.  Wild.

We opened our presents in the morning and saved one present for last...

Cory couldn't tell from the package what it was supposed to be...

But once I told him it was a camera and showed him the bare minimum - on button, shutter, which way was forward - he was off and running!

He took pictures of literally anything and everything! 

There were over 150 shots in just the first hour... 

Although many of them were rather blurry to indistinguishable since the camera has a slight delay and he would push the shutter and then move to take a picture of something else!

And why did we think this would be an awesome present?  Why because he gets the photo bug from his Mama and is always wanting to use my camera (sorry son!) and see the pictures.

Mama's playing?  I want to play too! 

This is the cookie tree that Cory and Grandma made and I was taking pictures of... until Cory showed up at the other end of the table to copy me!  

My favorite shot 

Aaaaand!  If you would like to see Cory's version of this picture, you can check out the new blog that Brian is in charge of.  It was his idea and he is going to post some pictures any day that Cory takes some.  View from a three year old!  Some of them actually turn out pretty good!

Merry Second Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  1. Christmas again is a wonderful thing! =) Sounds like you did/are having fun. Next time....we meet! =D


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